Day trip to Kinghorn

Monday, May 28, 2012

Since Ryan had Sunday off, we decided we wanted to do something fun with Lani. I had the idea of taking a short train trip to a beach somewhere nearby and Ryan suggested Kinghorn (a small village in the Kingdom of Fife, just across the water from Edinburgh). Ryan was raised by his grandparents and they used to own a caravan in Kinghorn and take him along on vacation as a child, so this seemed like a wonderful suggestion. 

This was Lani's first train trip since she was a week old, when we took my Mom to Fife! I wasn't sure how she would feel about it, as she wasn't entirely crazy about flying. BUT... she loved it! This train took us over the Forth Rail Bridge and to both our delight, she really enjoyed the whole experience, exclaiming "water!" and "boats!" as we went over the bridge. We had such a good day once we got there as well. We brought a picnic with us, bought a small plate of chips (fries) on the beach, and soaked up the sun. I was worried it would be too hot and sunny for Lani to be out in a swimsuit (delicate, fair Scottish lass and all), so we didn't bring one. Whoops, because she was INTENT on getting in the ocean. I obliged her a bit, and we both got wet but had so much fun. 

If the weather continues warming up as the months go along (it can be pretty hit and miss here in Scotland) we will definitely try to make a few more train trips across the Forth. Though perhaps with slightly more appropriate clothing on all of our parts? :)


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