Lani's Lunches, the third...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I hadn't realized I had taken a photo of so many of these lately! And she's only wearing her pajamas for lunch for two of these photos, haha. I generally don't dress her until after lunch if we have no other plans as then she can take her afternoon nap in her comfy jammies. ;)

Pear and grape fruit salad, peas, veggie burger with ketchup and strawberry soya milk.

Cream cheese sandwiches with apples, grapes, and falafel.

Pita pockets with hummus (and one with fake ham), fake ham bits, sliced grapes, and falafel.

Pita pockets with hummus, falafel, cucumber slices and apple slices.

Baked beans with sliced cucumber, peas, and a bit of pita and bagel.

Pita pocket with hummus, soya hotdog, cucumbers and baby plum tomatoes, and sliced apples.


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