Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter

Monday, December 3, 2012

(on our walk to gym nippers the other morning...)

We had our first snow last night, the days are becoming frostier and colder (and ugh! DARKER!). I guess that means winter has truly arrived in Edinburgh. I'm not a huge fan of the cold weather, but there is something magical about this time of year for sure. We're looking forward to our Christmas tree on Wednesday, hanging our decorations + stockings up, listening to holiday tunes and drinking some hot chocolate. :)


Happy Monday!

Monday, November 5, 2012

This face could brighten up even the darkest day. :)
And it's especially wonderful to see in the morning when she's been away at her Nana's all weekend. We've got a busy week, but today we're tidying and looking forward to getting her first library card tomorrow and staying for the 'book bug' session at the library. 


InstaLife... lately.

Friday, November 2, 2012

walking home from gym nippers in her wellies.

we spent halloween at the soft play center, then lunch at her favorite place, and later carving pumpkins and watching a new dvd. no trick or treating this year (not that it's very popular here), but we did try to make the day fun for her. 
mama carved the small one and daddy carved the big one. :)
playing at home, many days in a row, recovering from being sick.
playing with her bus our bed. this was the day after daddy's epic stomach flu. what a week that was!
what would we do without our duplo legos?? plus look at that stinkin' cutie! 

The last two weeks have certainly been interesting. I had finally overcome being sick for almost a month straight, when Lani came down with a bad stomach and a day or two later, Ryan got the stomach flu! And boy did he get it bad. He was off work for four days, which for him is pretty insane. And shortly after he was feeling better, Lani caught a virus and was just miserable for a few days. But here we are, all feeling much better and wed + thurs were full of fun for our wee girl (and us as well!).
If by any chance you have kids and live in Edinburgh, the new soft play centre they opened in Ocean Terminal is GREAT! So much better than the one they previously had there, Lani had a blast. 

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wow! Lani celebrated her 2nd birthday on 6th October, and we threw her a super fun circus themed party on the 7th. My parents were in town visiting from Arizona for the past three weeks to help up celebrate, so I've been too busy to even blink. They left Monday morning though so I thought I would, at the very least, share these photos from Lani's celebration. I've got so many others to share from their trip here, but this will have to do for now. We all had such a wonderful time.

There were a few other children there too, haha. I just didn't want to include their photos on a public space without asking so I'll just share this small selection. I took SO MANY photos that day, it was so hard to pick which ones to share. :)


InstaLife... lately.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

joy at the playground. it was an absolutely beautiful day.

walks through the graveyard that's next to the playground while admiring all of the creepy gravestones. Edinburgh is such an interesting city, so full of character.

mama's new glasses. watching tangled for the first time, so engrossed. our wee budding musician. 

life's been pretty lovely, lately. fall is definitely come to edinburgh and we can feel winter trying to creep its way into our bones. it's been raining all day long and as I type this, still is. But we have a lot to look forward to. ONE WEEK until my parents get here. First time meeting grandpa, and first time seeing grammy since she was a month old. lots of fun adventures. turning two. we can't wait!

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23 months old...!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

And here we are, just three weeks away now from having a two year old. Wow. Every time I think about it, I'm shocked. Seems like just yesterday she was a wrinkly, skinny, shrivelled old man! And now she's a walking, talking, running, screaming, playing, singing, jumping, laughing, beautiful, clever child. She's really starting to take off with the full sentences. She knows the words for practically everything and she tells us what's what. She absolutely loves to say "what's that?" over and over and over and over.... She's always hungry to learn something new.

We just can't wait to see what each new stage holds. She's not only a little sponge for information, but she's a fountain of it too. Bring on the fun, Lani! You're the light of our lives and we absolutely love you to pieces :)

p.s. we're planning on having a circus themed birthday bash next month, and I can't wait! 


Vegan Animal Shapes Vegetable Soup!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I followed this recipe on Post Punk Kitchen pretty closely to make this delicious soup, and I definitely plan to make it again. Plus there's still left overs in my fridge, so that's always a bonus!

all the lovely veg chopped up and ready to go. Or in the case of the garlic, ready to be annihilated in my garlic press. Sitting on a really unattractive plastic plate, because it's large. And in charge...

a mostly out of focus, completely staged shot of me stirring the onions and celery. I don't often cook with celery, which is a shame because it tastes awesome. 

Buibbling away after adding the vegetable broth. 10 minutes really was the magic number for me, as the veg was cooked to perfection, not too soft that it falls apart but not under cooked and crunchy. 

Viola! I really should think about things like wiping the outside of the bowl clean where I dribbled the soup pouring it before I take a photo, eh? ;)


Instalife, lately...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Roller Derby has been so much fun lately. A couple of weeks ago I helped out at one of the fringe bouts setting up the track and selling raffle tickets. I had a great time cheering on our team and getting pikachu painted on my face. I finally settled on my derby name 'Smash Ketchum', as a wee homage to my love for pokemon! Lani's as cheeky as ever, and her birthday is quickly approaching! (As is the visit from my parents, weee!) And see those huge Olympic rings up there? I think Lani will probably be super sad when they are gone. She sure LOVES them!aa :) 

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my wee water baby.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Twenty Two Months!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Late with this as usual, but we're on the home stretch to two years now! Two weeks to twenty three months and then... and then! Two years. Wow. She amazes us more and more every single day. She is the chattiest little cookie, ever. She's really started to grasp sentences, but our favorite things are definitely the "Loves you, Mama"s (& Daddys!) and the "thanks you, Mama"s. SO SWEET. Last week she started her 'gym nippers' class. We had done 'Monkey Music' for almost a year and it was time for a change. She was pretty cranky during her first class (though she did enjoy herself), so we're hoping number two will be a bit more fun.
We're about 1 month and a week away from something REALLY exciting... and that's my parents coming to Scotland (from the US) for 20 days. My Dad has never met Lani and hasn't seen me in over three years and the last time my Mom was here was for Lani's birth. So to say that I'm excited would be a massive understatement. I absolutely cannot wait and also I'm really looking forward to their help getting the party ready. You really, really realize how much you took your parents for granted when you move 6000 miles away from them. I only wish they were coming here to stay permanently, but alas. 
The next two months are going to be really awesome, just like this amazing toddler is everyday. I know I've said it before, but I could say it again everyday. It's true... me and Ryan? We are SO lucky. 

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